About us.

In 1991, through the association of the two partners, our company came into being. Its field of activity is the production of pieces and installation parts mainly obtained through the production of splintering

In time, the company has developed, always increasing its performance indicators. Today the company owns proper production and administration locations, modern equipment and a loyal and professional team of employees. Our company’s wish to maintain relations of fair economical collaboration from which all parts should benefit has led to the establishment of a true renown of the company in the business environment that encompasses its activity.

The sustained effort for the increase of our products’ quality and also for the decrease of the amount of time required for the production of the ordered items has led to the permanent growing of our number of partners, customers and suppliers as well. Our financial figure has risen every year and in 2006 it doubled (over 500 000 Euro) in comparison to the one in 2005, as a result of our investments. Our policies for the permanent development of the quality is certified ISO 9001 through the quality certifying company SRAC IQNET since 2000.

Also, our company is constantly preoccupied with the protection and enhancement of the quality of the environment by reducing the energy consumption and recycling waste and wrapping material.

The company was founded in 1991, keeping until now its main activity, general mechanical engineering

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