Mechanical Engineering.

Project Description

Technical solution lamps protection, protective gear assembly in the warehouse

The vast experience in this area correlated with customers requests led in the course of time to the development of specific activities of mechanical engineering made available to our customers.

Technical solution lamps protection, protective gear assembly in the warehouse

Mechanical engineering activity is addressed to all industries using technological equipment..
Maintenance is done in shifts, 24 hours / 24 hours, 7 days / week

Execution and installation of safety railing

The execution of mechanical engineering services is based on the professional qualification of the team and the understanding through our production activity of the importance of maintaining production flow during the intervention and, where not possible, executing intervention in the shortest possible time and in full correlation with the scheduled production of the customer in order to limit the interruptions to a minimum

This activity involves a close collaboration with the customer for :

  • identify optimal solutions to improve the equipment function and safety and protection measures depending on customer needs,
  • designing and executing parts for industrial equipment in accordance with the physical model, with the solution identified and the technical specifications of the customer
  • maintenance of industrial equipment, including welding
  • Emergency interventions in order to prevent / reduce to a minimum interruption of production flow
  • If you want to get more information about our services, please contact us.

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